Complete System Design and Installation

Our certified irrigation specialists can design an irrigation system to accommodate the requirements of your specific property, shrubs, and turf grass. Our team of professionally certified and experienced irrigation installers has the knowledge and expertise to install your irrigation system correctly and in a timely manner.

Spring Activation and Winterizing

Our irrigation division at Meyer Landscaping provides complete spring start up and fall winterization services.  We activate your irrigation system in the spring and thoroughly inspect the system to ensure everything is functioning properly to begin the new season.  In the fall we remove all of the water from the entire system to prevent freezing and damage to the system through out the winter.

System Maintenance and Service

We provide a full service department for all of your irrigation needs.  We perform a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly walk through to inspect your system for maximum performance and functionality.  We inspect the system for any breaks or links in any of the sprinkler pipes, sprinkler heads and control valves.  During the walk through we make adjustments to the control clock increasing or decreasing the amount of water being applied to particular areas of the property according to the weather conditions at that time.

Zone Additions and Reductions

Do you need to make additions and/or reductions to your irrigation system?  We can increase the coverage of your irrigation system with the addition of one or two sprinkler heads to a particular irrigation zone or the addition of an entirely new zone.   On the other hand if you have too much coverage in particular areas we can eliminate sprinkler heads or entire zones.